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Rise of the Guardians (2012) Review


Today I’ll be reviewing the film Rise of the Guardians.

The film out last November, warrants a very interesting cast of voices and some impressive characters we know from as early as our childhood.

The film introduces the characters extremely quickly, going about their duties, however there is an extreme threat present. Pitch (The Bogeyman) looks to be causing trouble. The four Guardians need help and their answer points to Jack Frost, someone who has more fun being mischievous than looking out for children.

Pitch evokes fear into children, giving them nightmares  where the Sandman gave dreams, and putting general darkness into everything light. Hence, the Guardians must band together and attempt to keep children believing in them.

Tooth’s palace becomes subject to Pitch’s fear and children wake up to their teeth uncollected, giving the Guardians a chance to band together and help Tooth to collect the teeth from the children. Tooth is believed in again, but Pitch’s reign of terror is yet unfinished.

When Jack Frost and Sandy try to catch Pitch themselves, they find that Pitch is a lot stronger than they could imagine and Sandy is taken from the Guardians, again leaving the children in danger. As Easter is on its way the four help Bunny with the Easter eggs, and discover that a young child has entered their world. Jack decides to return her, and when he hears his name being called, he runs once again into Pitch.

In this time the eggs are crushed and children stop believing in the Easter Bunny. The lights of the children’s belief continue to flicker out and Jack is banished from the Guardians after they feel they can no longer trust him. Pitch tries to reach Jack on an emotional level, stating that the two of them could be a team but Jack doesn’t want to be feared, he wants to be believed. After looking over his memories, Jack sees that he is a true Guardian and that he can save children, bringing all the Guardians together to defeat Pitch once and for all.

The film was truly beautiful and magical and the CGI animation had such an attention to detail, I really was impressed. It takes you back to when you were a child, how everything was so simplistic and the belief in the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, Jack Frost, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny was just taken as fact. You didn’t go against what your parents told you when you believed because the magic was true.

This film gets Made it Ma! Top of the World!” You’re never too old to believe.

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